Brian's flight journal

After I got my license and started doing cross country flight in preparation for my instrument rating, I started taking pictures of my flights. My plan was just to post some pictures for my friends to see and so I could have a pictorial history of the places I've been. I was originally going to just post pictures, but then I thought that the pictures needed a little description. But I found that once I started writing a little description, I just couldn't stop writing full descriptions of my experiences. So, this has turned into more of a journal of my flights than a simple picturebook. This means that some of it may be boring (especially to those of you who are not pilots and don't understand what I'm talking about in the descriptions), but I think this will make a good journal that I can look back and laugh at after I've accumulated thousands of hours of flight time.

With that introduction, here are some of the flights of which I have posted descriptions:

January 17, 2002: Chiriaco Summit
March 3, 2002: Hemet
March 9, 2002: Avalon (Catalina)
March 26, 2002: San Francisco Bay Tour
May 12, 2002: Ontario

Last modified March 27, 2002.
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